C0-CURRICULAR Activities

ASHAR offers a wide array of supplemental subjects in order to enhance our children's learning experience.


Ms. Amy Bruschansky is ASHAR's art teacher for grades 1-8. 


Our technology program is led by Mr. Alexander Ellingwood. Students in grades 5-8 come to the Computer Lab once a week to learn a new aspect of computer technology. Students will be working on Block Coding from Code.org. They will be using commands in block coding and linking them together to make some of their favorite cartoon characters make it through a maze or complete an obstacle. We look forward to a fun and productive year!


Mr. David Nulman is ASHAR's music teacher for grades 1-4. The focus of the music program is to instill a love of and familiarity with popular Hebrew and Jewish music, and to acquaint the students with classical composers and musical instruments. Always a joyous scene, our music students experience activities such as trying out instruments, learning musical songs lifted from the siddur, and singing Shabbat and holiday songs. Students are also exposed to basic notation.

Physical Education

Flo Zelcer is ASHAR's physical education teacher for grades 1-8. The students receive Physical Educaion twice per week. The philosophy of physical education is:  Fitness + Nutrition = Healthy Life.   The program teaches students the importance of physical fitness through a variety of sports and exercises. The importance of proper nutrition is also focused on. 

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