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Mrs. Debby Jacobson


Phone:  845-357-1515 Ext. 507
Department/Classes Taught: Chesed Coordinator, Limudei Kodesh (7G), Torah She'Baal Peh (5G-8G), Dinim (5G-8G). Yediot Kelaliot (5G-8G)

Bio:  Mrs. Jacobson has been teaching at ASHAR since September 1996. Prior to ASHAR, Mrs, Jacobson worked at both Hillel Academy (Passaic, NJ) and Yeshiva University of Los Angeles.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology as well as a teaching degree from Michlalah College for Women (Bayit Vegan, Israel). 

Mrs. Jacobson is a firm believer in "hands-on" education.  Whether in formal classes or as part of her chesed program, she believes that "doing" is the best way to learn.

 Together with her husband, Rabbi Ari Jacobson, she is the proud parent of 5 ASHAR alumni and has seen first hand what the ASHAR education has to offer.  As a current parent of ASHAR students, she is looking forward to even more great things to come!

Fri, January 22 2021 9 Shevat 5781