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Shalom u'vracha; I hope you are well and stay well!

1.  Thank You! Our parents truly outdid themselves in their acknowledgement of ASHAR's faculty during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Your many thoughtful gestures were very much appreciated, and speak loudly to the strong partnership between our parent body and Yeshiva, one that will undoubtedly remain a primary source of strength as we together continue to meet and, b'ezras Hashem, overcome new challenges.  Thank you!

2.  Our students are learning!  Mazel tov 8B on their Siyum of the second perek of Maseches Makos, on their way to completing the entire masechta! 5G just began Shiras Hayam, 6G is thoroughly enjoying their Chumash Kahoot games, and both 7B and 7G eagerly await the fate of Avshalom as they continue their progress in Sefer Shmuel- not to mention our exciting Spring Poetry and Art Journal.  And our teachers are constantly seeking ways to keep our children active and socially engaged:  From Morah Flo's gym videos and the third grade's pet caterpillars, to the sixth grade's cloud project (check out tomorrow's Ashreinews for details) and 4B Zoom birthday parties, maintaining healthy social-emotional growth remains a school-wide goal at least as important as  academics! Which brings us to our next item:

3. In case you missed Dr. Isaac Schechter's excellent presentation on prioritizing and balancing during our new Zoom reality this past Wednesday evening, I am including the link of the recording.  Enjoy!  RECORDING:  Zooming into Virtual Schooling: Priorities, Balancing and Learning Strategies

4.  Yom Ha'atzmaut Shirayim: Enjoy the following new official IDF video,  narrated by Michael Katznelson (ASHAR Class of 2010), and learn the secret of Tzahal's phenomenal success- besides, of course, the Commander-in-Chief Above.  Eileh va'rechev v'eleh va'susim.... 

5.  Lag Ba'omer programming, and a special surprise, coming next week.  Stay tuned!

6.  Please continue davening for  ASHAR grandparents Liba bas Freyda Malka, Refael Aron Yoel Halevi ben Rochel, Elchanan Hillel ben Sarah and siblings of ASHAR parents Yaakov Yisrael ben Esther Teeka and Menashe Dov ben Rasha Riva, b'soch sha'ar cholei Yisrael.  Consider reciting Tehillim Chapters 130 and 142 with your children.

Gam zeh ya'avor!  

Rabbi Ari Jacobson

Mitzvah Man's Friday Parsha Lesson.
Parsha time Parshat Emor:
This week’s Parsha assignment. Draw a picture of your favorite Chag from this week’s Parsha and email to Morah Jackie. It may be in next week’s Ashreinews/Early Childhood Newsletter.
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"What do you do that makes you feel Kadosh?"
 Here are some responses to last week’s Mitzvah Man Parsha lesson.




Tue, January 26 2021 13 Shevat 5781