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Limudei Kodesh Resources


Mordechai Hatzadik

646 726 9977

Speakers such as Paysach Krohn, Rabbi Spero etc for kids.4 shiurim Daily - 12pm,1pm, 2pm,3pm

Each shiur will be 30 min

Mishnah Rishonah Hotline


R’ Fischel Shachter teaches Mishnayos

Kol Halashon Hotline


Opt #6 for kids

Wonderwords Hotline


KidsWonderwords hotline with stories updated constantly

Circle Hotline


Circle Magazine Hotline

Pirchei Hotline


Pirchei Agudath Yisrael  - stories, torah programming

Torah Live Online

Promo code: TORAH to sign up for free access to videos, games, quizzes and certificates of course completion for the next 60 days ... Online

Videos, games, stores - a lot of fun content

Od Yavo Foundation Online

A magnificent site that has video clips are content that explores the complexity and design in the universe in relationship to the wisdom of Hashe - goes through the body, nature, space...

Torah Games Online

Online games that help reinforce skills in hebrew reading, chumash, mishnayos etc...

Aleph Beis APPS

See list →


JI Tap Website

Jewish games and learning on a variety of topics - free 30 day trial

Pesach coloring book - download


Link to file that can be downloaded/printed


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