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Mrs. Sarah Braun

Department/Classes Taught: Limudei Kodesh (2G)

Bio:   Mrs. Braun was educated both in New York, and in Israel beginning with Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (Breuer’s), continued with Bet Yaakov-Ramat Aharon (Bnei Brak), and concluding her intermediate and high school years at Bet Rivka High School for Girls in Israel. She earned a full Bagrut diploma including credits in fashion design, sewing manufacturing, and computerized pattern making. She has a BA degree in Judaic and General Studies in elementary education from Bet Rivka Teacher’s College(Misrad HaChinuch). Her teaching career spanned a period of many years on two continents and in a wide spectrum of communities. She has taught all grades 1-8 English, science, Ivrit, fashion design, sewing, and art. She also took part in innovative extra curricular programs and skillfully integrated these programs into the school’s regular curriculum believing that children should have fun while learning and the more tangible the material is the better children grasp and learn. After teaching in Eilat/Israel for 6 years, Mrs. Braun taught at the Yeshiva of Spring Valley-Boys division before she joined ASHAR in 2008.

Thu, January 17 2019 11 Shevat 5779