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Each Sunday, beginning in October, until Pesach (unless otherwise noted),  fourth through eighth  grade  boys have the wonderful opportunity to participate in extra Torah study lishmah.  

Ably led by Rabbi Leible Chaitovsky and our team of rebbeim, the Sunday Program begins with an 8:30 AM Shacharis minyan, followed by breakfast, learning and sports activities until 12:00 noon.  

The program includes classes in Mishnayos, Chumash-Rashi and Gemara, as well as other exciting classes on special topics.   Participants will be eligible for a weekly raffle, as well as year-end prizes,  special trips and other surprises.

Fathers are invited  to join their sons for Shacharis each week, and will be invited to  participate in several special programs over the course of the year.  

While Sunday learning is lishmah (no tests) and appropriately more relaxed, we are nonetheless striving to maintain an environment conducive to productive study.  Towards this end, Sunday participants must wear their regular school uniforms. 

Please join us!  See you here on Sunday!


Sun, June 23 2024 17 Sivan 5784