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Explosive Learning

03/10/2022 01:27:48 PM


ASHAR's sixth-graders made their own working volcanoes for science class. Each student demonstrated volcanic activity as the rest of the class looked on, enjoying the spectacle.



Girls Briyat HaOlam Fair

03/03/2022 01:19:52 PM


ASHAR's second-grade girls presented their Briyat HaOlam fair to the lower grades. Students in grades first through fourth enjoyed the time they spent viewing the impressive creative endeavors of the second graders.


ECP Learns About Presidents Day

02/24/2022 01:06:11 PM


Students in ECP have been very busy learning about our Presidents. In connection with the upcoming Presidents' Day, students learned all about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. They discussed what it means to be a president of a country and used their imaginations to think of rules that they would implement if they were president. The children came up with great ideas. Here are a few of them: 

  • I would make sure that no fighting is allowed.
  • I would tell everyone to keep Shabbos.
  • I would make everyone healthy and not be sick in bed.
  • I would put all bad people in jail.
  • I would make everyone be happy all the time.
  • I would give money to all the poor people.

ASHAR Girls Torah Bowl Team

02/17/2022 10:01:04 AM


The third round of Torah Bowl for ASHAR girls concluded with the girls extending their two-point lead to seven points. Rabbi Chaitovsky is the ASHAR Torah Bowl team coach. The team was led by Michal Benovitz, Ariela Neiman, Sophia Landau, and Nava Schechter. After 60 questions on Parshas Ki Teitze and Ki Tavo, the girls scored 43 cumulative points, followed by Hillel with 35 points and Bruriah with 34 points. The remaining four schools have 16 points or less. There is one more round to go, and the winner will represent the Division to play for the Championship.

We wish the team a hearty mazal tov and hatzlacha on the next round.


Sun, June 23 2024 17 Sivan 5784