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ASHAR Boys Learn What Knot To Do

01/12/2022 10:33:56 AM


After learning Hilchos Tzitzis with Rabbi Bendrihem, ASHAR's sixth grade boys worked on making their own tzitzis.


Parsha Times-Where Chumash Comes Alive

01/12/2022 09:47:37 AM


Our sixth graders are writing newspaper articles from the times of the Parsha. Below you can see some samples.

By Sara Pels, Sixth Grade

Newsflash! Finally Free!

Reported from the front lines by Yehuda from Shevet of Binyamin

The Egyptians have enslaved Jews for about 210 years, but recently we have been fighting back, and Hashem has been doing miraculous things for us.

We are now in the desert, but we are not just going to Eretz Yisroel, The Promised Land. We are being rerouted by Hashem. Moshe says it's because we might want to turn back to Egypt if we see what is up ahead on the direct path. Hashem is leading us with a pillar of cloud during the day and a pillar of fire during the night. Then we all just stop along the Red Sea, and Moshe tells us we should set up camp. All of a sudden, we see Egyptian soldiers approaching us, getting closer and closer. We all start to panic. There is nowhere to go. In front of us, there is the Red Sea.

Behind us are the Egyptian soldiers, and if we try to go to our right or left, we will surely be torn apart by wild animals.

Some of us start to scream, "We should have stayed in Egypt! Now we are just going to die in the desert!"

But then the sea split without warning. There are twelve passages, one for each shevet. As we go into the tunnels, we see trees with fruit on them, but the Egyptians follow us into the tunnels. We all start running for our lives!

As we are running, the sea is closing in on the Egyptians. But the part in the middle of the Yam Suf where we are walking is still holding, and we are able to cross safely onto the other side.

After we got to the other side, we sang praises to Hashem. Blesses is He for saving us. Look at the miracles He has done for His nation. We are finally free!


What Miracles G-d Does for Their Nation!

By: Minna Van Halem, Sixth Grade

Reported by Sam - chief officer of Pharaoh's military reporting live from the Yam Suf.

You might be asking why I am at the seaside. It's a long story, but here it goes. As you all know, Pharaoh let the Jews go.

Pharaoh had this plan to chase Bnei Yisrael. I have to tell you that was one of the worst ideas in Egyptian history. As we were chasing them, we came across the Yam Suf. We saw Bnei Yisrael panicking. But something miraculous happened: how crazy it is what G-d does for them. Their G-d just split the sea. After all the makos I went through, I definitely know that their G-d is true. Anyways gotta go. I never took the Nile's swimming lessons, so, I don't know how to swim so you better believe I am not going near that water - even if the path looks safe - those walls of water...not safe for me!

Mazel Tov First Grade on Receiving your Siddurim!

01/05/2022 12:17:49 PM


To view the full recording click here



ASHAR Sharks Basketball News

12/30/2021 03:00:35 PM


By: Ari Frankel
Eighth Grade Monsey Mevaser Junior Journalist

On Wednesday night, December 8, the ASHAR basketball team, the Sharks, played against the MDS (Manhattan Day School) Mavericks in the ASHAR gym, with the final score being 37-30 in favor of the Mavericks. With that loss, ASHAR falls to 0-1 on the season. 

ASHAR played a good game receiving contributions from key players such as Dovy Schreiber, Ari Frankel, Moshe Baitz and Yehuda Taub but still could not take home the win. 

Noey Taub, the starting point guard for the Sharks, complained after the loss, “I am upset because I believe the refs missed some calls but anyway, we still were not playing as a team.”

Ezzi Hamburger was equally disappointed, “We did not have enough practice, and the refs missed a few key calls.”

ASHAR has a tough schedule ahead of them, as they are playing some talented teams such as Hillel, WDS, and RAMAZ with the Sharks’ next game scheduled against Hillel on December 26. Each team plays ten games, five at home and five away and each game is exciting, and competitive.

Be that as it may, it is all water under the bridge, leaving only one thing for sure. The Sharks plan on giving it their all in the next game. You can count on it.

Thu, January 27 2022 25 Shevat 5782