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(T Class at the 2016 ASHAR Color Run)

Vision: To meet the academic needs of students in a small contained learning environment while providing social and emotional experiences in a larger school setting.

 Core Beliefs:

  • Jewish children should be given opportunities to learn Torah, read Hebrew, daven, and understand Torah concepts and values within the regular school based on their abilities.
  • Students should be able to learn at their own pace with targeted instruction addressing their individual needs.
  • Using a whole child approach to education, students should grow academically, when their social, emotional and physical needs are being addressed.

Mission: To use a multitude of research based programs and approaches to address the academic needs of a small group of students, while planning and goal setting for short term and long term transitions into mainstream education.


  • The program takes place in an ASHAR classroom located in the mainstream classroom corridor.
  • Our students are ASHAR students with access to district busing and other school based policies and procedures.


  • The program is taught by an experienced special education classroom teacher.
  • Additional staff is provided by East Ramapo teachers and therapists when applicable according to students’ IEPs.
  • ASHAR staff is available for special school wide programs.
  • Mrs. Schuh oversees the program’s staff, schedule, curriculum and individual student progress.


  • Orton Gilliham based approaches to reading including (but not limited to) the Wilson Program, the LIPs program, Fundations and PAF (Preventing Academic Failure).
  • Writing using Handwriting Without Tears, Sentence Building (Jerry Morris Approach), journal writing and inventive spelling.
  • Math incorporates elements of Making Math Real and Engage NY with hands-on and concept building activities.
  • Aleph Bais introduction, solidification and practice building upon kriah fluency and accuracy.
  • A love, understanding and appreciation for Torah through weekly Parsha, Yom Tov and Halacha instruction.


  • The program provides instruction in all areas of the curriculum based on students’ strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the lesson, activity and situation, students are taught as a whole group, working independently or one-on-one to accommodate varying ages and developmental abilities. 
  • Mrs. Waldman, with the support of the ASHAR administration, transitions students into mainstream classrooms based on each student’s strengths and the classroom agenda, i.e. gym, lunch, recess, art, and music.
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