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Remember to use Hashem's name when davening! There is nothing more precious to Hashem than children's tefillah!  

(Pages correspond to the siddur we use in school: ArtScroll Siddur Chunich: Ashkenaz)

Link here for Rabbi Rawicki's 2B class

Modeh Ani through Ma Tovu  (pp 2-6)


Birchos HaShachar through Birchos HaTorah (pp 6-13)


Pesukei D'Zimra (pp 25- 35)


Krias Shema


Shemonah Esrei


Boys Hallel for Rosh Chodesh (pp 325-331)


  Girls Hallel for Rosh Chodesh (pp 325-331)

Tue, March 31 2020 6 Nisan 5780